Tall Worlds Mod v1.8.3-0.3.1 officially released!

by Cuchaz

At long last, a public beta for Tall Worlds Mod is finally available!

Tall Worlds Mod is a mod for Minecraft that implements the Cubic Chunks idea, the most popular suggestion for improving Minecraft to date. In other words, the mod extends the maximum build height to about 16 million blocks instead of 256. 16 million blocks is probably plenty of space for whatever you want to build.

Since Tall Worlds Mod makes huge changes to Minecraft's underlying chunk loading engine, a massive amount of work went into developing new modding technology to let modders make changes to Minecraft on this scale. Enigma was developed to tackle the challenges of modding an obufscated Java application (mostly because I was told I couldn't use MCP). Magic Mojo Mod Loader (M3L, for short) is an entirely new mod loader for Minecraft that gives modders advanced capabilities to transform Minecraft classes. This was hugely helpful for doing crazy things like replacing the entire chunk loader in Minecraft's game engine.

And now we're at the stage where I can actually release a playable version of the mod! This version is far from perfect. If you want to play it, be sure to read the huge list of disclaimers first. This is a highly experimental mod and it could do unpredictable things if you're not careful. Just make sure you keep backups of all the Minecraft worlds you care about.

Download Tall Worlds Mod

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