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  • Cuchaz Interactive
  • Suggestions for the website? Complaints? Bug reports? Post those here.
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  • Non-Essential Personnel
  • Official announcements for my in-development indie game
    15 discussions 45 comments
  • General discussion about the game. Ask questions. Get answers.
    9 discussions 10 comments
  • Have a nifty idea you want to share? Share it here.
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  • Something went wrong? Post your bug report here. Be as detailed as possible. Include logs.
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  • Mod Friend
  • A place to talk about the Mod Friend website. Questions and suggestions welcome.
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  • Ships Mod
  • General discussion for Ships Mod. Got questions? We have answers. Probably.
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  • Want to see your ideas come alive? Post them here. Dreamers welcome.
    17 discussions 62 comments
  • Did your ship crash? Something else not work right? Let me know here.
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  • Tall Worlds Mod
  • Want to know if your favoritest mod will be compatible with nearly infinite build height? Ask away.
    5 discussions 18 comments
  • Have a solution to the lighting problem? Let's hear it!
    2 discussions 2 comments
  • Did your world save file die in a horrible bit catastrophe? Did you fall into the endless twilight of the void? We can try to fix it. Tell us as many details as possible. Logs are awesome!
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  • M3L: Magic Mojo Mod Loader
  • Wondering how M3L will offer new opportunities for Minecraft modding? Ask here.
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  • Browse info on how to write mods for M3L. Veteran modders can share their experience here too.
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  • What kinds of APIs do you want to see in a next-gen mod loader?
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