About Cuchaz Interactive

We're focused on delivering software and hardware tools to address unmet needs in computing.

New Product Development

We're hard at work on a new product! This one combines
advanced software and hardware together to solve problems
in the Human-Computer interaction space.

Stay tuned for future announcements!

Indie gaming

While I enjoyed my time working in the indie game development scene,
I'm refocusing my efforts in new and exciting areas.

These projects are retired now, but you can still read about them here.

  • Horde Engine

    A 2D game engine that makes building block-based worlds easier, with networked multiplayer and deep support for game modding, all in the widely-loved Java programming language.


    Use the JavaFX UI system in your OpenGL apps.

    Open-source on

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Minecraft mods

In a previous life, I contributed a lot to the Minecraft modding scene. Some of my projects are preserved here for posterity.