Cuchaz Interactive is supported by both donations and advertising. The money is used to pay for server hosting fees (which aren't really that expensive) and to pay for my time (which is relatively much more expensive).

Right now, I'm working full time to pay the bills, so that doesn't leave much time left for modding. However, with enough financial support from players like you, I can still keep the bills paid, but spend less time at my job, and more time making great mods.

That's where you come in. If you'd like to contribute financially to the development of my Minecraft mods, please choose one of the options below.

One-time donation

If you enjoyed one of my mods, send me $5 or so.

with PayPal

Along with my eternal thanks and gratitude for helping to give me a more fun job, your Minecraft name (if you so choose) be added to the List of Supporters, an in-game item in all of my mods. To claim your reward, just include your Minecraft name in the PayPal donation comment field or send me a private message with your Minecraft name.

Monthly donation

If you want to make a longer-lasting contibution to support development, consider becoming a patron.

Patrons agree to give a montly donation, usually in the $1 to $10 range. As a way of saying thanks, I give patrons various rewards. These rewards are mostly in-game items that have no strategic value and don't affect gameplay at all. They're purely cosmetic and just for fun.

To claim your rewards, send me your Minecraft name in the donation comment field (PayPal only) or after the donation is confirmed. Patrons are elligible for rewards no matter which monthly donation option was chosen.

More details about patron rewards

One of the rewards is early access to testing versions of my mods before they're released. I've always asked for feedback on my mods early and often from the Minecraft community. However, to keep number of active testers to a manageable level for me, I've decided to limit early access testing to the most committed players. If you enjoy beta testing games, then you'll want to become a patron.