A screenshot from the mod Tall Worlds changes fundamental limitations of Minecraft by raising the build height from 256 blocks, to over 16 million blocks! Build as high as you want in a tall world. Tall Worlds aren't just tall, they're deep too. The sea level is set to 0 and half of those 16 million blocks go up, and the other half goes down, so you can dig as deep as you like as well without fear of ever hitting bedrock.

More Information

This is a prototype mod

Basically, this version is going to break. A lot. Expect it.

Don't expect to be able to add this mod and play a world like normal. Don't expect to be able to play this mod with any of your other mods. It's not a fully-functioning mod. It's just a prototype.

It's going to crash. It's going to destroy your worlds. It's going to erase your amazing builds. It's going to have lighting glitches. It's going to generate terrains that are ridiculous. It might even have horrible lag and crappy frame rates.

When you find problems like this, please report them in our issue tracking system.

The whole purpose of the beta is to give the mod to players so they can find bugs. Once the bugs are known, they can be fixed. Please help us know about the bugs. =)


It's not going to be compatible with anything else at all. Not world editors, not other mods, not map renderers. Nothing. Nadda.

It doesn't even support servers yet.

Eventually these things will happen, but not on day 1. Until then, Tall Worlds Mod is just client-only and it lives in a vaccuum all by itself.


While we're beta testing things, don't spend too much time on the Ultimate Tall Amazingest build. There's probably going to be a bug that will destroy it. You'll probably be sad because the beta destroyed your work.

Here are a few rules to help you minimize the pain that the beta might cause:

Obviously this behavior isn't ideal. We just haven't spent any time trying to fix it yet. Feel free to send bug reports and suggestions for how to make things better.


Tall Worlds Mod is designed to run only on a special (and highly experimental) mod loader called M3L. You can read more about it and download it here:


Make sure you use the M3L version that matches the Tall Worlds version, and make sure vanilla Minecraft 1.8.3 is already installed.

You must install M3L before you can play Tall Worlds Mod. Don't try to make Forge load the mod. Forge might actually try, but it will probably complain and do something bad.

Once M3L is installed, put the Tall Worlds Mod jar file in your mods folder. eg .minecraft/mods

If the mods folder isn't there for some reason, just make a folder called "mods"

I think that's it for now. Enjoy the mod and send any bugs to our bug tracker.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Tall Worlds Mod to your minecraft/mods folder
  2. Download and install M3L. Make sure you download the right version of M3L for the version of Tall Worlds Mod you downloaded. The required M3L version for each Tall Worlds version is listed on the Tall Worlds Mod download page.

Development status

Tall Worlds is Retired.

No further development will happen.


Cuchaz - lead developer

Razaekel - developer

Barteks2x - developer


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Tall Worlds Mod is Open Source on GitHub