Ships Mod


Can I include Ships Mod in my modpack?
Yes! See the modpack policy.
How can I change how ships float? Can I make blocks lighter or heavier?
Ship floatation is based on a simple physical simulation that's based on the blocks that compose your ship. Heavier blocks make your ship heavier. Lighter blocks make your ship lighter. There's no magic solution to make your ship a specific weight (or displacement), but you can change the heaviness of blocks using config files. Read all about blocks configuration.
Would you please feature/promote my Ships Mod review?
Probably yes, but let me take a look at your video first.
Will you implement ship combat?
Yes, eventually. I'd love to implement ship combat, but it is a difficult feature to get right. Implementing ship combat correctly will take a lot of time, so I'm putting it off until I can implement other major features first (like 1.7.10 support, airships, submarines).
Will ships be able to carry players, mobs, etc?
What is the maximum ship size?
Theoretically, there's no limit, but technically, there is.

Long answer:
There is no intrinsic limit the number of blocks that can be part of a ship. However, larger ships will cause more lag and probably be buggier. Currently, there is an artificial limit on the ship size that is controlled by the ship block. Better ship blocks will have larger maximum ship sizes. As I optimize the code to reduce lag and get rid of the glitches that large ships can produce, I'll gradually raise the block cap over time by adding new ship blocks. The goal is to eventually support ships that have thousands of blocks.
Will you be able to build on a ship after it's been launched?
No. To change ship blocks, you must dock it first. This restriction will likely be lifted when I start implementing ship combat.
Does that mean pistons won't work correctly?
That's right. Pistons will not work correctly on ships.
Will redstone be supported?
Yes, as much as possible.
Will the X block from Mr. Awesome's Most Amazing Mod be supported?

Long answer:
I'll do my best to get all the vanilla tile entities working. At least the ones that don't change blocks. For instance, I may never get pistons working because I don't allow block changes to ships. If there's a mod tile entity that behaves like a vanilla tile entity, there's a good chance it will automatically work. The less a mod tile entity behaves like vanilla tile entity, the less likely it will work on a ship without me having to specifically write code to support it.

That basic idea is, I have to do a lot of work to make a tile entity on a ship think that nearby entities in the world are actually on the ship too. This involves intercepting and editing communication between tile entities and entities. It also means I have to know where to go looking for where this communication happens. Since I have the source to all the vanilla tile entities, I have all the info I need to find the lines of communication. If mod tile entities use the same lines of communication, then those lines already been tapped, so to speak. But if the mod tile entities communicate with entities in some new way, I couldn't have possibly known and the tile entities won't work on ships without me writing more special code to specifically support them.
Can you make a ship out of stone?
You can build a ship out of any blocks, but some blocks are better at floating than others.
Can you have a pool on a ship?
Currently no. Water blocks are not considered part of the ship. But I'd like to relax this assumption some day.