Custom JavaFX controls and Scene Builder

by Cuchaz

This is my second blog post today! I've never written two posts in one day before, so this is kind of exciting. I must be inspired or something. The other post today was about using JavaFX to build GUIs for cross-platform games . This time though, I'm going to write about a tip to make your life easier if you want to write custom JavaFX controls and use Scene Builder at ...

Better GUIs for Java games

by Cuchaz

Progress on the new unannounced game is going well. But only if by 'going well', we mean I've been sidetracked by a million other things instead. =P It's going to be great though, I promise. I've been working on a lot of great tech lately that's going to end up in my upcoming Java game engine, the Horde Engine. You might have already noticed looks a little ...

NEP Dev Update #14: Scooped!

by Cuchaz

Again, it's been a while since I've written a development update... Turns out, I don't get to spend all my time doing gamedev these days. Working enough jobs to keep the bills paid continues to suck up most of my time. But that's indie game dev for ya. Anyway, I've been on a bug crusade in my game engine the past few weeks. The engine (and the fledgling game I'm ...

NEP Dev Update #13: Networked physics

by Cuchaz

Wow. It's been a long time since I've written one of these. A lot has happened since then. I took another break from working on my indie game for a while to make some money. I still have my part-time job doing research at the university, but I also filled the rest of my work time doing freelance work for other games. Sadly, I'm not allowed to say anything about that yet, ...

NEP Dev Update #12: Lots of physics updates!

by Cuchaz

I'm still trying to figure out how to balance a part time job doing heavy thinking/programming with working on my game engine (also heavy thinking/programming), but I'm getting better at it. My development pace on NEP is a bit slower than it used to be, but I'm finding ways to be more productive all the time! Lately I've been working on completely overhauling the physics simulations in the Horde engine to be ...

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