NEP Dev Update #11: Back in action!

by Cuchaz

After a bit of a break, I'm back with another development update for my indie game, Non-Essential Personnel. I took sometime off over the winter holidays to travel, see friends, family, etc. I also started a new part time job in January doing computer science research at a local university. Gotta pay the bills while I work on my game somehow. =P I lost some momentum with all the recent ...

NEP Dev Update #10: A programmer trying to art - Part 2

by Cuchaz

The exciting conclusion! When we last left our hero, we had a usable render of a normal map for our sprite, the RIG. The trouble was, the Horde engine (the engine I'm making to run Non-Essential Personnel), didn't actually support rendering with normal maps. Luckily, adding normal maps to a rendering engine is actually pretty easy. The basic recipe is: bundle the normal data into your material texture format. ...

NEP Dev Update #9: A programmer trying to art

by Cuchaz

The game engine is coming along pretty well. At least well enough that I can actually focus on adding content to the game now. So I'm making content now. Or trying, at least. Art is hard too. =P Adventures in actual game content: The RIG An indispensible piece of equipment for your adventures in space mining is your lifeline from Earth to the barren mineral-rich lifeless hunk of rock out ...

NEP Dev Update #8: Networking is hard

by Cuchaz

I thought I was just about done working on the game engine. I was looking forward to adding more content to the game. Then I remembered that networking is hard. =( Non-Essential Personnel is a multiplayer game. And not just LAN multiplayer. It's over-the-internet multiplayer. Over-the-internet multiplayer means we have to deal with the horrific badness you find in large networks like latency, packet loss, packet re-ordering, and lag spikes. ...

NEP Dev Update #7: Eyes are weird, why we need motion blur, and how to do it

by Cuchaz

This post is part of a development update series about my upcoming indie game, Non-Essential Personnel . I've been writing these every Friday for a few weeks now. So far so good. =) Why are simple things so hard? So, last week I got rock-throwing working. Hooray! Now the game has something to do. You can break rocks. You can pick them up. And you can throw them back at the ...

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